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The Beatles by Mike Mitchell (February,1964)

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Santa’s son

lewis watson - sink or swim (official video)

I love this song. the lyrics is so damn deep

"You’re the Apple on My Eye". What a GREAT film


When I’m around you I tend to say some weird things
Like are you an anchor because you make my heart sink
If you were a booger I’d pick you first
Okay I’m sorry that one was a lot worse

I can’t control everything I say
Did you just fart because you blew me away

You are amazing to me
Is your name “Swiffer” because you sweep me off my feet
Baby do you believe in love at first sight
Because I think I found Mrs. Right.

I hope I’m not coming off too strong here my dear
But wouldn’t we look cute on a wedding cake together…just sayin
If you were a transformer you’d be optimus fine
You’re so cute you made me forget my pick up line

I can’t control everything I say
You’re so sweet you give me tooth decay

You are amazing to me
You’re sweet as pie, 3.14
Baby do you believe in love at first sight
Because I think I found my mrs. right

You can be my Wonder Woman
You can be my Mary Jane
Always there to hold my hand
Never have any dull moments

Do you have a map cause I
Just got lost in your eyes
Did you just smile
Or did the sun just rise

You are amazing to me…
Mrs. Right

they’re great like cheese on my pizza toppings
they are cold as ice cubes in my glass of coke
and sometimes annoying like lettuce in my burger


Dhani Harrison watching his father George Harrison on screen. (x)

i got chills and started crying oh my lord

Let’s make it a rule to reblog this every time it shows up on your dash- it’s just too beautiful not to reblog 

This is too beautiful. I love how George looks down and smiles in the video, kind of a “hey, I’m watching and I’m always here.” I still can’t get over how wonderful this is.


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Happy Birthday, George Harrison!

sleep well there with Johnny :)

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